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The Efficient Dredging concept on excavator dredgers optimises:

  • accuracy of location and dredging profile
  • safety of cutting and slew operations
  • outreach, pontoon and swing protection
  • the relations between these processes
  • self-learning automation of routine jobs
  • crew training with IHC Systems simulators

The brain: XPM - the hands: AXC

The 'brain' here is a dedicated monitoring system known as XPM. It draws on input from rugged position transmitters to present the excavator in its local grid, enabling the operator to do the job efficiently.

The 'hands' are provided by unique self-learning automation: Enjoy the recent AXC movie ...


A wide range of options includes:

  • automatic profile dredging,
  • automatic tooth angle,
  • automatic safe limits of movements
  • any automation requested by the client.

Connections to dredge track presentation systems supply information about the location where the dredger is working and can be used to prove that the job has been done right. Very high dredging accuracies are entirely feasible.

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